Crusader Welcomes New Bassist

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The members of Crusader are pleased to announce that their exhaustive search for a new bass player has come to an end.  Chicago’s Mikeii Brown has been selected to fill the role.

Mikeii is an accomplished bassist with well over 7 years experience in the Chicago metal scene.  He has played with such acts as the doom metal bands Death’s Vendetta and Benighted Christ.  In addition to a number of live shows, these bands saw him taking a writing role on a series of demo and DVD releases over the years.

Most recently, Mikeii was involved with Chicago Death Metal act Beyond Death.  During his tenure with Beyond death he enjoyed a spot as co-writer on the band’s material.

Looking to get back to his metal roots, and the inspiration provided to him by Steve Harris, Mikeii is excited about  his new spot on the Crusader lineup.  During an intense 2 months of practice and writing, he has proven himself to be a highly capable addition to the group.

March 10th, 2012 will see the first outing with the new Crusader lineup at Bar 10 (1259 W. Taylor Street, Chicago, IL) in Chicago.  Crusader will be opening for Casket stench with doors opening at 8:00.

Over the next several months, the new lineup will be hitting the studio in preparation for a compilation appearance, possible single, and full-length album.  Details will be inbound as the story develops.




Crusader bid Farewell to bassist Ian McFadden and other news.

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Indeed we are sad to say that the ‘baby’ of the band, Ian, our bassplayer is leaving us for pastures new. He’s going to start school down in Indianapolis and so had the agonizing task of stepping down from his position in the band. While we are sorry to see Ian go, this is important for him, and it begins to set the foundations for his future.  I’m sure that if we play any shows down that way, we’ll be able to get him to come out out play a couple of tunes for old times sake.

We’ll be booking a farewell show for Ian, so watch this space, or the Facebook page!

2012 will see Crusader heading back into Bombshelter recording, this time to record a full length album. We are hoping that this will commence in the Spring with a Fall release time for the album, which is still unnamed at this time.

We are also currently working on two new songs, tentatively titled ‘Behold the Wyvern’ and ‘Infernal Hordes’. We’re pretty excited with the way they are turning out and hope to be able to unleash them live very soon.

Also, in other news, Crusader are looking to invade Atlanta this year as well, teaming up with ‘Death of Kings’ for a show, then from there head down to Florida to unleash some hell there as well. More on this as it develops.

New shirt design in the works, as well as pins coming down the pipeline. 2012 looks set to be a busy year for the Crusader camp. We hope you will join us in our campaign!


New shows coming – September 2011

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Fark. I suppose I should do something with the Crusader Blog, eh? Well to get the ball rolling, we have a couple of shows  coming up in the next few weeks:

First up is a show at one of our regular haunts – Ye Olde Town Inn, in Mount Prospect. I love this place, it’s a pizza joint, bar and live music venue. Bands get treated well, and the staff are awesome. Plus, more popcorn than you could wave a shitty stick at. We’re playing with (in case you can’t read) Armored Assault, who are celebrating their new CD release, Burning Pyramid and Miles from Exile. This should be a great show, i’m really looking forward to this.

Then, shortly after (like, the following week, dawg), we play our first show for The Abbey Pub. I’m curious about this place, as it has quite a history but doesn’t seem a prolific as say The Empty Bottle, or Double Door etc. Anyhoo, this should also be a good show, the line up is Centaurus, Something Beautiful, Wastegate and Crusader. Eeeexcellent!

We also have confirmed a Halloween show as well, supporting none other than Impaler from Minneapolis. More details as we get them. This will be at the Red Line Tap.

We have been working on some new material, including a new song tentatively called ‘Plague Daemon’.  We’re also looking to get the crusader logo shirts printed onto baseball style tee’s as well, and, not to forget the ladies, girly shirts and tops. Our current Crusader logo (the one at the top of the page here) will be changing soon, to something we feel fits the image of the band a little better. Also look out for a new shirt design that will be available this Fall.

Thats it for now kiddies

Hail and kill!



From the frozen lands in the north…

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We ARE Crusader!

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Welcome to Crusader’s blog/website/internet hub!

I literally started this like 10 minutes ago, so there’s nothing on here right now. Gimme a chance!



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